In Appreciation

December 11, 2010

In Appreciation for the Warriors of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

CTR said that our path is that of the refugee
For his students, everythings seems to be going according to plan

“What if you were enlightened tomorrow?” CTR asked one time?
We might do well to ask: What if we got everything we wanted right now?
Would we become tyrants?
Or might we crawl back into our cocoons, comforted?
Maybe we’re finally beginning to wake up

Forms are art
And therefore are perfect, unlimited and impermanent
They can’t be copyrighted, branded, or marketed into greater perfection

The best things in life are free
One might think that such things could be held as stocks or bonds
But one would find that dividends did not arrive

Build a bridge, draft legislation, make a great cup of coffee or teach dharma
They are all transmissions
Every realm could use another Buddha

So good morning sleepy refugees
There is no way to abandon or choose one’s path
But one could definitely waste it

Dudley Jackson
Columbia, SC