A Question of Separated Events

February 19, 2010

Discussion by Suzanne Townsend

During the recent Shambhala Day event-planning period, there was some phoning and emailing among friends to gather outside of Shambhala International because they did not feel at home there. But it was hard to find a place big enough. In one email, I made the observation that it seemed that ANY home in the Halifax area would probably be too small to hold all the local practitioners who do not feel at home at SI, and maybe next year we could plan to rent a local hall.

I then received a response that while it’s true that very many practitioners do not feel at home at SI, there is a big concern that any large gathering outside of SI would be “dividing the sangha” and therefore breaking samaya. What does everyone think?

To be clear — I think the issue here is not gathering per se, but by renting a hall it would be gathering in a “public” space.

Shambhala is as old as the hills, and belongs to human beings all around the world, in many forms. At the Buddha Eyes entrance to Shambhala in Mongolia, travellers write all their sins on paper, and burn the paper in a hole in the rocks. From

Rx for differing views

November 5, 2008

“…Saying he was never the likeliest candidate to seek the presidency, he said Americans of every background showed they can unite and reject cynicism to bring about change.” — from a review of Obama victory speech

Sounds like just the order for all of us on all levels inside and outside the mandala as well, neh? And sounds like the vision and purpose of RFS? Or am I being starry-eyed after Chicagobama.

More teachings from the Vidyadhara

October 23, 2008

HEADS’ UP! Judy Lief reports on Facebook that she is “Working on amazing editing project called RTP Root Text Project–working with the Vidyadhara’s (Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche)–Seminary teachings to produce a three-volume set –teachings that will be available for the first time for scholars and practitioners.”

Experts fear illumination of dark matter

September 10, 2008

from http://voanews.com/english/2008-09-10-voa6.cfm

Project leaders say the machine will also let them probe so-called Dark Matter – the invisible matter that makes up 80 percent of the universe and that has been one of science’s great mysteries.

Some European and American scientists have filed a lawsuit to stop the experiment, saying it may create microscopic black holes that could swallow the Earth.

Project leaders call these fears “ridiculous.”

Indignance and Dignity

August 6, 2008

Some don’t care. Some pretend to not care.
Some have moved on. Some pretend to have moved on.
Some who moved to get away from it all
Were surprised to discover they still had it with them.
We are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
It just never seems safe ground in the world of Awake.
To be able to dissolve the word Shambhala altogether
And still live in Nova Scotia with its sense —
That is the question.
Who cares?
That is the point.
Tsondru Namkha