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Homage to the Only Father Guru


Hum Hum Hum

In the sacred place of the glorious Copper Colored Mountain,

Ablaze with the source of dharmas,

flower petals rain from the sky,

Shimmering with the lights of the five families,

Whose trees and greenery adorn the awesome charnel ground,

Is the dwelling place of the only father guru,

Chogyam Trungpa Dorje Trollo Karma Pakshi.

Grant your blessings to remain in the center of my heart,

So that negativity arouses unfabricated wakefulness,

So that the age of the 3 poisons and the 3 Lords quickly abates,

So that father and child constantly meet

by the light of the fire that consumes hope and fear,

eradicating the border between meditation and post-meditation.

So that all that arises dawns as your dwelling place,

and that the golden age of Shambhala may likewise quickly manifest!

Jinpa Samten, resting under the shade of the compassion of Chogyam Trungpa.

–Lee Weingrad


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