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Money Flows Diagrammed

Financial Transfers within the Shambhala Mandala

– Barbara Blouin

This diagram is based on what I learned (primarily from two senior financial officers in Shambhala International and from the Sakyong Foundation web site) about transfers of income among Shambhala International, Kalapa, the Sakyong Foundation, the Kalapa Group, and the Sakyong and Sakyong Wangmo’s personal accounts and residences. It provides a map of the subject of this article.

The diagram is incomplete: it deals only with Core Services and Sakyong Support, just one part of a very large and complex organization – Shambhala International. Even within the limits of what I have been studying, because financial arrangements are very complicated, and because some arrangements are in the process of being rearranged, I cannot claim that it is completely accurate. It does not include grants from the Shambhala Trust, which are widely distributed within Shambhala International.

Revised diagram of financial transfers discussed in this article.
(Courtesy of Connie Brock, the Chagdzö Kyi Khyap of Shambhala International)

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