Shambhala Ownership and Control

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Shambhala International Properties and Control

The diagram above depicts the Shambhala International non-profit corporations, and which properties they own, as of March 2019.

Solid lines indicate ownership. For example, Shambhala Canada Society owns the Halifax Shambhala Centre. The Sakyong Potrang Canada also directly owns properties, such as Kalapa Valley. The Shambhala Mountain Centre Corporation owns Shambhala Mountain Centre, while Sakyong Potrang USA owns the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya located there.

Dotted lines indicate control. For example, the Sakyong Potrang Canada controls the Shambhala Canada Society.

How control works (this pattern applies, with minor variations, for the US Canadian, and European corporations):

  • The controlled corporation has, through its bylaws, added a Class of Membership
  • There is one, and only one, member in that class
  • That member is the Sakyong Potrang
  • That member can add or remove members of the Board of Directors of the corporation


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