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Radio Free Shambhala is a field for the voices of Shambhala vision. It is a place we can form, with the space of view held in the light touch of meditation which is also the ground of action.

Along these lines, we welcome submissions from you, in writing (essay or a blog), video, or audio. We think there’s room for investigative journalism, commentaries and analyses, discussions of questions that matter, the limitless ayatanas of art, the forms of discourse of society.

We work with article contributors to create a field of discourse that actually does try to realize Shambhala vision.

Our most important editorial guideline is: be a warrior without anger. We ask that you be ruthless with aggression. Aggression can take the form of little pokes or digs, subtle or pervasive spins, choice of language: spot those, let them go. The more gentle, the more prajna.

Beyond that, we are interested in how buddhadharma without credentials and how Shambhala vision meet the world.

Email the editors with feedback or proposals for articles:

And, please do comment!