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FAQ – This Site

How do I get my picture to appear next to a comment I make?

This site uses the Gravatar system: if you go to the Gravatar (Globally Recognized Avatar) site at, you can sign up (no cost), provide your e-mail address, and upload a picture of yourself. That picture is associated with your e-mail address.

Then, when you post a comment on this site (Radio Free Shambhala), and provide your e-mail address, the picture you uploaded to Gravatar will be displayed along with your comment.

This will be true of any other site that uses Gravatars.

NOTE: when you provide your e-mail address as part of entering a comment, that address is not displayed publicly.

Whups, I’d like to change something I wrote in a comment – can I do that?

You have up to 15 minutes to edit a comment you’ve written – so if you’ve made a typo, or blurted out something you regret – change it quick!